Case Presentation

“Living wallet” helps you to spend money wisely.

Saving is an everlasting challenge for mankind. Various saving techniques were brought in and out. Then, we decided that the problem may lie in wallets that easily allow people to unfold and use it. Therefore, we invented the wallet that can react to your financial situation.


Financial situation is collected by being coupled with iPhone

It’s very simple. The user’s financial situation is collected in real time by being coupled with the user’s bookkeeping app  on iPhone called ”Zaim.”

Consumption mode and saving mode

Living wallet automatically changes its mode depending
on your balance. When it’s in deficient budget, “saving mode” is activated. In contrast, while in favorable balance, it will activate
“consumption mode.”

Saving mode

1.Evasion / The wallet apprehends
any individual around and evades

2.Asking for help / When it gets caught, it starts screaming asking for help

3.Last resort / If you still try to use some money, as a last resort, the wallet sends a text message to your parents asking for help. It is always difficult to go against your parents.

Consumption mode

Encouraging spending / When the budget shows favorable balance, we think you should consume for the economy. In this case, living wallet stimulates your material desire by reading out Amazon’s popular products ranking.